What is worth painting? What needs to be said, that hasn’t yet been painted?

At times, my own experiences well up in a visual language so I can better understand what I’ve been through. Sometimes those experiences can be used to make a statement about what I see in the world or hear from my patients.

As a psychotherapist I’ve listened for forty years to the joys, grief, creativity, confusions, and absurdities each person experiences in life. And by studying the tiny changes in gesture, facial expression, eyes, and voice I’ve learned to understand what is being conveyed, all the while maintaining objectivity in order to be of use.

My painting techniques have to be so expressive that the painting touches the inner life of the spectator. The titles present in words another angle on the struggle to be human: “Longing for Home;” “I have Nothing to Remember;” “I Never Had a Friend; Was I A Friend to Myself, Or Another?” “Adam and Eve, together taking their freedom in,” “Against Nonsense,” “Towards A Positive Solution.”

I’m grateful you’ve come to see my work and thus me. I hope you feel touched – even a little – by what you see.

I am grateful to my teacher of the last six years, Brian Keubler, for his ability to understand the aims of each piece, and help me to achieve them in the many-layered techniques of the Renaissance.